Our sincere gratitude to all the actors, writers, and directors who made The Dare Project #27 such a great night. Also, of course, we thank all the members of our amazing community who keep coming out to see the most daring theatre in New York.

Goodbye, Chain Theatre. Hello, future!

We would also like to thank our pals at Variations Theatre Group, who recently found out that the run-down "worthless" commercial building which they built into a thriving performance space--now known as The Chain Theatre--has been sold, and they must move out.

The Dare Project Will Return!

Keep an eye out for photos from The Dare Project #27, which will get shared here on our site, on our Facebook page, and mostly via our Flickr albums.

And look for news about The Dare Project #28, which will tie into and move forward the work on our next original full length play! We don't yet know where it will happen, but we know you will love it.

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