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December 8 - 7:00 and 9:00 performances
The Chain Theatre see a map

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$10 Suggested donation. Drinks are served.

The dares have been drawn! taxdeductible theatre boldly returns with the most unreasonable Dare Project yet! Keep checking this space for more details.

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Dare: “A man and his 2 girlfriends”

New work to be developed by: Scott Casper, Robert Larkin, and Alex Pappas

New work to be developed by: David Castro, Amanda Ladd, and Robert W. McMaster

Dare: “The front door of my building”

Dare: “Jan 8th (Elvis’s birthday)”

New work to be developed by: Melissa Boatright, Brian Costello, and Lesslie Dodge Crane

New work to be developed by: Sara Antkowiak, Nicholas Alexiy Moran, and Rebekah Nelson

Dare: “They are united by their love of Karaoke but divided by everything else.”