NEXT: The Best of The Dare Project 2006-2016

2016 marks ten years since taxdeductible theatre began pulling plays out of a hat—literally. Join us June 29 for a one-night-only retrospective of selected works from the history of The Dare Project.

The Best of The Dare Project 2006-2016 will happen June 29, almost exactly ten years after Dare Project #1. We've put up over 120 original ten-minute plays, written from your dares, by more than 40 different playwrights, developed by the work of 200+ contributing artists.

So which ones are the best?

We've had the whole company behind closed doors reading scripts together and deciding which plays out of the last ten years we're going to present as The Best of The Dare Project. Will your favorite be there? The only way to find out is to join us!

Get your tickets now!

We're coming back to Manhattan for this one. We expect it to sell out in advance. Get your tickets NOW at Brown Paper Tickets.

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